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The new economics of the power sector
A lot of strange things have been happening in the European power sector lately, from negative prices , to utilities closing down brand new power plants and, naturally, action in various places to ...
Jerome a Paris 03/25/2013 78 201 15 -
Offshore wind photoblogging - installation vessel edition
Hi everybody, long time no see.. Here's something hopeful to take your mind off the conventions for a few moments. Part of my Wind power series. And the usual full disclosure: I advise wind ...
Jerome a Paris 09/07/2012 64 190 4 609
Is nuclear energy more expensive than offshore wind?
This is what is suggested in a recent article of the Times of London: French demand high price for `rescuing' nuclear industry with two new reactors (behind pay wall, but accessible here ) ...
Jerome a Paris 07/18/2012 94 97 4 479
French presidential election - a primer
As we enter 2012, a major political milestone is getting nearer in France, namely the presidential election, and I thought I'd try to start covering this in more detail over the next few months (as ...
Jerome a Paris 01/03/2012 22 43 2 191
It's the class warfare, stupid!
There have been endless discussions as to whether the current economic crisis is a debt crisis, a banking crisis or (in Europe) a trade imbalance crisis. Ultimately, we are facing redistribution ...
Jerome a Paris 01/02/2012 139 400 30 1691
French socialist primaries - first round vote today
In a first for the French republic, the socialists are organising open primaries to select their candidate for next year's presidential election. What is new this year is that the primary is open ...
Jerome a Paris 10/09/2011 11 26 - 154
Bleed, you sinners!
Note: this is about the European debt crisis, but the parallels with the USA are obvious "Bild" is impressed ...
Jerome a Paris 09/22/2011 128 200 4 1197
The first victim of the European bank crisis: investment in the US
As I noted in a comment a few days ago, some of the most likely victims of the current banking crisis in Europe are going ...
Jerome a Paris 09/15/2011 57 140 4 771
Germany pushing forward smart energy policy
Following the recent announcement by the German government of the forthcoming closure of all nuclear plants by 2022 (see Merkel's ...
Jerome a Paris 06/06/2011 130 112 1 477
Greece Shock Therapy update - WSJ lies debunked
Note: the article below, published initially on Histologion last month, was posted and update by ...
Jerome a Paris 06/05/2011 74 162 9 898
Short termism is killing us
The FT had a timely article over the week-end ...
Jerome a Paris 05/23/2011 130 269 7 1382
No peak oil quite yet... but it still hurts
World oil production. Source: Graphoilogy using US ...
Jerome a Paris 05/04/2011 54 66 1 337
Ben Laden: some rumblings
Following the announcement of Ben Laden's execution by US special forces, I found the following items notable: nobody (other than a few idealists on the blogs) found it strange that ...
Jerome a Paris 05/03/2011 803 357 3 3510
The capitulation of politics (or the arrogance of finance?)
Standard & Poor’s put a “negative” outlook on the U.S. AAA credit ...
Jerome a Paris 04/18/2011 22 42 - 207
Financing energy infrastructure
I was invited to speak in Brussels earlier last week about the financing of energy infrastructure. It was a breakfast organised by the ...
Jerome a Paris 03/27/2011 61 83 11 412
After Fukushima: a new dash for gas? Really?
he final outcome and cost of the nuclear accident at Fukushima are yet to be determined but the obituary of the nuclear industry has already been written, and one competing source of power has ...
Jerome a Paris 03/19/2011 202 154 6 791
The end of nukes?
Apparently the Spiegel has decide to declare the end of the nuclear age,
Jerome a Paris 03/13/2011 172 100 2 854
keep off my $&#@ email, kos!
A few months ago, kos offered us the opportunity to receive action and information emails, and I duly signed up. Except that now, I get these action emails twice: to the email I provided when I ...
Jerome a Paris 02/20/2011 11 18 - 264
ExxonMobil says wind is cheapest form of electricity generation
Sometimes, a graph says it all. This one is from ExxonMobil's yearly review of energy statistics and trends, called Energy ...
Jerome a Paris 01/28/2011 212 266 9 1242
offshore wind grows - in Europe
The 2010 statistics for offshore wind came out this week, and they ...
Jerome a Paris 01/22/2011 84 172 2 143
pope: education is evil
Pope: Sex education attack on religion "I cannot remain silent about another attack on ...
Jerome a Paris 01/12/2011 77 35 - 104
Neo-feudalism and neo-nihilism
One of the trends of our times has been this creeping move towards something that looks like feudalism, ie a system where wielding uncontested power (political or economic) becomes more important ...
Jerome a Paris 01/09/2011 53 62 2 155
Markets hated the tax cuts for the rich
Global bond rout deepens on US fiscal worries The yield on 10-...
Jerome a Paris 12/10/2010 288 360 7 405
No Meta, just good news
As you know, I'm firmly (and rightly or wrongly) in the camp of those who are seriously disappointed with our current crop of leftwing politicians and who are quite pessimistic about the short term ...
Jerome a Paris 12/02/2010 140 507 12 166
Oil plateaus
The annual World Energy Outlook has just been published by the International Energy Agency (see ...
Jerome a Paris 11/09/2010 190 202 4 216
lessons from the early years of offshore wind in Europe
As I keep on being extremely busy at ...
Jerome a Paris 10/17/2010 92 190 4 185
An optimistic diary (for once)
I'm usually known as one of the doomers'n'gloomers round here, with diaries and comments on the economy heavily leaning towards negative views. And to a large extent, I still stand by these ...
Jerome a Paris 08/22/2010 354 490 35 207
Judging Obama
The debate on whether it is more appropriate to say that Obama has done a lot or that he has done too little regularly divides DailyKos, and I'd like to tackle it from a slightly different ...
Jerome a Paris 08/16/2010 1000 772 26 409
Wind Lowers Power Prices: New Scientist
Part of my Wind series European Tribune editor John Evans ( afew ) and I wrote an opinion piece on the economics of ...
Jerome a Paris 07/30/2010 45 71 1 81
Cutting social spending is urgent
Because the money is still urgently needed elsewhere: US financial system support up $700 bln in past year-...
Jerome a Paris 07/23/2010 59 62 - 46
Photoblog: Another offshore wind farm under construction
I had the pleasure of accompanying ...
Jerome a Paris 07/11/2010 235 272 5 526
Now he tells us: Bush hates oil, loves wind power
DALLAS — As the U.S. Gulf Coast battled a massive oil spill, former President ...
Jerome a Paris 05/26/2010 169 253 3 93
One billion barrels of 'oil' found on the sea
While you guys are facing the worsening-by-the-day consequences of the BP spill, some interesting news came out of the European "oil patch" - ie the North Sea:
Jerome a Paris 05/20/2010 420 497 12 300
What's cooler than an iPad? An iPad with a windmill pic on it!
One argument that has always amazed me from wind opponents is the one that says, in an attempt to ...
Jerome a Paris 05/18/2010 27 29 - 55
Oil spill: we are the problem. Time to tax gas. Massively
I know, you need your cars for basic tasks. To go to work, to shop. And you have no alternative. I know, a gas tax is regressive, and hits the poor hardest. But until gas taxes are jacked up - and ...
Jerome a Paris 05/02/2010 1157 361 6 466
blow baby blow
Jerome a Paris 04/30/2010 309 539 17 226
Wind's latest problem: it ... makes power too cheap
Part of my Wind power series. Full disclosure: I advise wind ...
Jerome a Paris 04/25/2010 324 777 48 1148
what a surprise
The Economist is openly surprised to find out why there such widespread discontent these days:
Jerome a Paris 03/23/2010 429 888 20 863
French left wins 21 out of 22 regions
There was another vote today - the second round of French regional elections. After a first round last week which gave a strong showing of the left last week, this week's vote confirmed the massive ...
Jerome a Paris 03/21/2010 230 402 3 154
'like whatever': justice for Serious People
Pope Offers Apology, Not Penalty, for Sex Abuse Scandal Nowhere in the letter did Benedict address the ...
Jerome a Paris 03/20/2010 39 33 - 27
Offshore wind farm construction - more pictures
After showing you pictures of offshore wind turbine foundations in this story , I am pleased to be able to now post pictures of the above-the-...
Jerome a Paris 03/08/2010 240 289 7 113
Come join me at the NYC meetup today!
Hi Everybody - just a reminder that I'm in New York today and will be joining the kossack meetup that will be taking place this afternoon. See sidnora'...
Jerome a Paris 01/31/2010 11 21 - 31
The stimulus saved the US wind industry in 2009
The good news just came this morning: the US wind industry shattered all records in 2009, coming within a whisper of installing 10 GW (10,000 MW) in the year, up 18% from what was already a record ...
Jerome a Paris 01/26/2010 22 41 1 27
An overly-long rant about HCR
*Note by Jerome*: everything below was written by Izzy over at European Tribune, at my request, after many arguments ...
Jerome a Paris 01/25/2010 34 64 2 46
There is (offshore wind powered) light at the end of the tunnel!
bankers walking inside a foundation for the Belwind offshore windfarm, Zeebrugge, Belgium, 22 January ...
Jerome a Paris 01/24/2010 40 58 1 91
European offshore wind industry taking off
2009 marks the third year of industrialisation and growth for the nascent offshore wind sector, with a lot more to come:
Jerome a Paris 01/18/2010 171 217 6 69
visiting NY in 2 weeks' time
Hi everybody! This is just a short diary to say that I'll be visiting the US in 2 weeks' time for business and I'll be spending the whole week-end in NY (on 30-31 January) before also going to ...
Jerome a Paris 01/16/2010 38 30 1 32
Taxing the Banks
After the first steps in the UK and France (with a 50% surcharge on bonuses payable by the banks, which they seem to ...
Jerome a Paris 01/14/2010 255 378 7 177
banks w. lobbyists took more bad risks and got bailed out more
This is not much of a diary, and it's a few days old, but the information, while not surprising, deserves to be publicized more, especially as it comes from an unimpeachable source:
Jerome a Paris 01/04/2010 29 39 - 32
So, how large is the global plutocratic class?
The Financial Times' US editor Chrysta Freeland has an article today which can be interpreted in quite different ways. As its title suggests (
Jerome a Paris 01/02/2010 429 346 23 217
Obama is better than the extreme-right
I think we all agree on that, and all agree that it's better to have him in power today than the Republicans, and that it is rather important to beat again the Republicans in the coming elections. ...
Jerome a Paris 12/31/2009 1002 539 12 272
Saving the world, one windfarm at a time
As Copenhaguen ends, unsurprisingly, in confusion, I have the opportunity to give you a more positive tale, and show you it is possible for people - including even bankers amongst them - to work ...
Jerome a Paris 12/19/2009 116 130 4 63
Europe (read: the left) is doomed! Special Decline and Defeatism edition
The Economist's Charlemagne coumn (their official place to editorialize about Europe) has outdone itself this week in a gleeful column about Europe's decline:
Jerome a Paris 12/12/2009 264 240 7 110
So, how do we get anything better than sane center-right policies?
It's hard for me to take sides in the debate between those sorely disappointed by Obama's policies and those that point out that his policies, however flawed, still represent very real progress and ...
Jerome a Paris 12/11/2009 109 70 1 71
I'm Sorry: you've got the wrong targets
The two "Sorry" diaries currently on the reclist (
Jerome a Paris 11/29/2009 499 783 11 257
We won against Tony Blair! Europe is Doomed! Special 'Nobodies' Edition
[Europe.Is.Doomed™ Alert] With the nomination of Herman van Rompuy and Catherine Ashton to the two newly created jobs of President of the European ...
Jerome a Paris 11/20/2009 64 55 - 77
Some predictions on the forthcoming Russian-Ukrainian gas 'crisis'
We've recently heard more veiled threats from Putin about Ukraine being unable to pay for gas (thus presumably leading to new attempts at cutting ...
Jerome a Paris 11/11/2009 18 37 1 194
No one is more French than I am
1) I live in Paris ( a Paris even). I see the Eiffel Tower from my window - and we have parties ...
Jerome a Paris 11/10/2009 213 99 - 104
The stimulus and green jobs
Recently, there have been worried ...
Jerome a Paris 11/09/2009 211 285 14 182
Gah - how many times will it be needed to debunk silly pipeline conspiracies?
Once again the Afghan pipeline comes up in a recommended diary . Once again, I can ...
Jerome a Paris 11/05/2009 424 412 8 256
Meet the new German (conservative) government
Below is an extensive introduction to the main minsiters of the new German cabinet, following the coalition agreement between Angela Merkel's CDU and the (neo)liberal FDP. It was prepared for ...
Jerome a Paris 10/27/2009 48 36 1 105
Poll - for or against Meteor Blades capturing the reclist
I think it's totally unfair that some people, just because they work tirelessly for the community and beyond, should have the right to post diaries twice in the same day - especially to post what ...
Jerome a Paris 10/25/2009 346 278 2 46
Get used to it, little people: big bonuses for them are good for you
Public must learn to 'tolerate the inequality' of bonuses, says Goldman Sachs vice-...
Jerome a Paris 10/22/2009 291 346 6 94
Sarkozy tries to outbrazen Bush
In a long interview with (the usually friendly) Figaro , Nicolas ...
Jerome a Paris 10/16/2009 64 91 - 112
Obama has an unprecedented opportunity to re-make the economy
U.S. stocks notched new 52-week highs again on Monday, thanks to corporate America showing better-than-expected profits.
Jerome a Paris 10/13/2009 434 454 24 193
Stop Blair petition going strong
The petition is simple enough: We, European citizens of all origins and of all political persuasions, wish to express our total opposition to the ...
Jerome a Paris 10/12/2009 178 241 1 70
One (or two) years on - they have learnt nothing
Just over one year after it became impossible to deny that the crisis that had started in 2006/2007 was a major, systemic event, it is rather depressing to see that nothing has really changed and, ...
Jerome a Paris 10/05/2009 323 468 23 118
the "Atlantic Gap" - Obama's America and ungrateful Europeans
The Economist, which used to be an excellent magazine with fairly transparent biases that did not spill into its reporting, has turned, over the past 10-15 years, into the mouthpiece of the US ...
Jerome a Paris 10/03/2009 64 61 - 120
No surprise: Georgia Triggered War With Russia, Neocons lied
Report: Georgia Triggered War With Russia A 9-month international investigation into the 2008 ...
Jerome a Paris 09/30/2009 357 293 8 52
"Unprecedented prosperity"
We keep on being told that the current crisis should not lead to a paradigm change, because, while it lasted, ...
Jerome a Paris 09/11/2009 248 240 2 68
LOL: Goldman CEO criticizes 'useless' banking
Goldman chief hits at `useless' banking Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive of Goldman Sachs, has ...
Jerome a Paris 09/09/2009 30 58 - 87
The Amerikaaner Party
Just a very short diary, to suggest a simple label, which came to me while reading this diary:
Jerome a Paris 09/07/2009 235 335 3 49
Negotiations 101
A lot of my work involves negotiating very complex legal documents with my clients. While one may think that the negotiators are fighting one another on behalf of their institutions (me, the bank ...
Jerome a Paris 09/06/2009 520 381 9 48
A diary full of economic good news!
Now that bonddad is gone, some worry that we'll get only doom and gloom diaries. Well, no! I'll bring only good news in this one!
Jerome a Paris 08/24/2009 634 437 13 245
WSJ Discovers Spanish High Speed Rail
Note: this is a crosspost of an story by DoDo over at the European Tribune, with his kind permission. He is an occasional ...
Jerome a Paris 08/21/2009 179 273 6 159
Hey cool - the economic crisis is already over!
The eagerness over the past few days by pundits and financiers to call the financial crisis essentially over has been quite remarkable. I've been collecting articles all saying the same thing and ...
Jerome a Paris 08/17/2009 37 44 - 25
Health Care Horror Story: the socialist version
As an immediate response to MinistryOfTruth 's call for people to post personal health care horror stories, and as this has been requested ...
Jerome a Paris 08/16/2009 183 493 25 219
"2007 was an incredibly good year for the super rich"
The top .01% (top 14,988 US families, making at least $11.5m in 2007) share increased from 5.46% in 2006 to 6.04% in 2007 leaving well behind the 1928 peak of 5.04 percent. This shows ...
Jerome a Paris 08/14/2009 281 373 20 98
Transparency: good for banks, not taxpayers
Wall Street profits from trades with Fed Wall Street banks are reaping outsized ...
Jerome a Paris 08/03/2009 14 43 1 32
3 for 3
Belgian and Dutch investors join EIB and banks in Belwind rescue (24 Jul 2009) Banks have ...
Jerome a Paris 07/26/2009 175 556 9 106
WSJ says pay inequality is bankrupting the system
Pay of Top Earners Erodes Social Security Executives and other highly compensated employees now receive more than ...
Jerome a Paris 07/21/2009 540 736 22 144
DK GreenRoots: the economics of wind power
Note: I was hoping to write a brand new diary for the DK Greenroots series, but the past several weeks have been a bit hectic at work, and I haven't had the time to write a full fledged post, so ...
Jerome a Paris 07/04/2009 114 221 19 95
How not to end another president's (lost) war
In homage to Billmon, on the day Moon of Alabama , the site built by Bernhardt to welcome his "barflies" when he closed the Whiskey Bar to comments, closes.
Jerome a Paris 07/02/2009 173 67 1 23
Citi increases credit card rates. Why is it allowed to do so?
Citi raises card rates on millions People close to the situation said that Citi, ...
Jerome a Paris 07/01/2009 389 329 1 63
Krugman blasts Krugman
Mish has a rather damning post for Krugman , where he flags this article of Krugman's from ...
Jerome a Paris 06/16/2009 64 81 - 34
Geithner and Summers launch financial regulatory reform
In an article in this morning's Washington Post , two of the senior regulators most responsible ...
Jerome a Paris 06/15/2009 135 192 3 91
How does the greatest bull run of all times end?
Contrary to what the general public thinks, the most remarkable bull market in our times has not been that of that stocks, or even of real estate, but rather that of bonds. The chart below (...
Jerome a Paris 06/11/2009 280 259 11 35
all is back to normal on the economic front
House prices rose by 1.2 per cent during April and May, according to Nationwide Building Society. It said that the increase was because of huge demand from buyers and a shortage of ...
Jerome a Paris 06/01/2009 395 277 9 35
What's the responsibility of the media?
I briefly discussed the study by the Columbia Journalism Review ...
Jerome a Paris 05/26/2009 148 224 5 62
budhydharma and Bob Johnson's Posthumous GBCW diaries
Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer! ..........LOL I am posting this on behalf of two great kossacks, who have been unexpectedly banned from this ...
Jerome a Paris 05/20/2009 254 52 - 44
Green shoots: you'd better be grateful!
*COULD there be a better time to be a bank*? If you have capital and courage, the markets are packed with opportunities—as they well understand at Goldman Sachs, which is once ...
Jerome a Paris 05/16/2009 54 77 - 45
The cost of wind, the price of wind, the value of wind
I'd like to try to clear some of the confusion that surrounds the economics of wind power, as it is often fed and used by the opponents of wind to dismiss it. As I ...
Jerome a Paris 05/02/2009 246 250 34 275
The dollar as reserve currency
There's been a lot of discussion lately of the dollar losing its role as the main reserve currency, based on various pronouncements on the topic by Chinese officials seemingly unhappy with the ...
Jerome a Paris 04/26/2009 225 206 14 45
WSJ opinion page blames tax cuts for crisis!
Monday, the WSJ posted a pretty significant article in its opinion pages by Steven Gjerstad and Vernon Smith (...
Jerome a Paris 04/07/2009 195 428 24 53
So, will Obama actually listen?
A lot has been made about Obama being greeted to supposedly rapturous audiences in Europe (as described by obviously love-
Jerome a Paris 04/04/2009 391 343 6 43
NYT repeats coal talking points, try to sabotage Obama's green energy plans
Articles like this one are terrible because they give "objective" credence ...
Jerome a Paris 03/29/2009 185 245 13 339
I am a banker. Some of us did not f*ck up.
As a number of you know. I am a banker. I've been financing projets in the energy sector for close to 15 years. I'm aware this diary can and will be seen as self-serving, and indeed it is. But I ...
Jerome a Paris 03/28/2009 356 469 20 59
Despair: Greenspan given tribune to say the taxpayers must pay
Earlier this morning, I wrote a comment that summarized the arguments made in more or less good faith to defend market ...
Jerome a Paris 03/27/2009 68 88 3 43
Sigh... the biggest problem is not (toxic) bank assets
The Geithner plan is yet another attempt to relieve banks of their toxic assets - all the irresponsible loans they made, willfully or not, to clients that will not be paying them back. Bad mortgages,
Jerome a Paris 03/23/2009 710 665 58 138
hi everybody. I haven't been writing lately because it's just too damn depressing. It feels like 2003 all over again. You know, the feeling that all is decided beforehand, and that nothing you can ...
Jerome a Paris 03/21/2009 847 798 53 151
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